New Social Security Representative Payee Training

The Social Security Administration has released a video series titled “Representative Payee Interdisciplinary Training.”  The series provides information for serving as a representative payee, including an overview of programs administered by the Social Security Administration, information on elder abuse and exploitation, and the duties and responsibilities for representative payees. The video series is available at the following link:

Special Needs Trust Fairness Act Passes Congress!

On December 7, 2016, Congress passed the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act, which amends 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1396p(d)(4)(A).  This law erroneously presumed that all persons with disabilities do not have the capacity to create their own special needs trusts.  To create a special needs trust funded with a person’s own money, his or her parent, grandparent, guardian, or a court had to create the trust.  The Special Needs Trust Fairness Act amends this false presumption that all persons with disabilities do not have the mental capacity to establish a trust.

Once signed by President Obama, persons with disabilities who have mental capacity and are under the age of 65 can create a special needs trust!

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Kids With Special Needs Learn About Air Travel

On September 10, 2016 Mary Alice Jackson P.C. had the opportunity to participate in the Wings for All event, which was sponsored by the ARC of Texas, the Autism Society, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and American Airlines.  To read more about our experience, please check out Mary Alice’s article on the Special Needs Alliance webpage.

Link to article: